Practical Gratitude

Life is hard. Sometimes circumstances get you into a rut. Earlier this year I was running on fumes, coming off of several failed deals and tough personal circumstances. In my sleep-deprived daze, as an attempt to get out of a funk, I pulled out a notebook and just started listing things I felt grateful for.

“Things i’m grateful for:

 -in Moscow seeing the world (lots of fascinating travel)

 -healthy body despite what I put it through with all this travel

 -more principled and consistent than i’ve ever been (even though i still stumble into the occasional trap of self-loathing)

 -my family loves me and I love my family

 -great friends whom I can call and who call me when things are wonderful and/or terrible

 -can read and have read lots of great books that have helped me put my life in perspective

 -meaningful impact on many lives through my organization’s work

 -less afraid of dying than I’ve ever been - minimal existential misalignment”

After making the list, I felt a lot better. I could breathe again and smile more easily. In fact, I’ve done the same thing a few times since and it’s been helpful each time.


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