The Supernova Inside Us

The universe is an incredible thing. It’s huge, and growing, and we’re incapable of understanding almost any of it.

Part of why it’s incredible to us is because we’re responsible for it, at least in our own minds. We certainly didn’t create it, but we did invent our perception of it. We invented the word “universe” as well as the scientific tools to explore it.

The universe and space and nature fascinate us as humans because we like knowing how all of it relates to us. As individuals and as a species, we like interpreting nature to serve our discovery agendas.

Unlike most other earthly species, we can conceive of and interpret our place in nature to serve the ever-evolving views of the world that we use to govern our lives. We possess the conscious ability to view ourselves from outside of ourselves. And when we step up onto this mental balcony, we feel both humbled and empowered by nature.

On one hand, nature is so much bigger than us little humans - we’re just tiny dots on a slightly bigger tiny blue dot somewhere in a sea of empty black. The oceans can swallow us, the forests will grow back long after we’re extinct, and the planet won’t stop spinning when we do.

On the other hand, our role in nature is undeniably inextricable: each of us is a miniature channel for the energy of galaxies and lightyears. Stars exploded a long time ago, and against all odds, here we are, weathering storms, building empires and families, fighting for all sorts of things, making peace, reproducing, raising children, laughing, crying, falling in love, going numb, surviving, thriving, struggling, hanging on, and enduring.

Sometimes I think the universe inside of us–our interiority–is as vast and complex as the one outside of us–our exteriority.

The burning desire to create, to love, to build, to protect, or at the very least to try.

The tenacious, unrelenting desire to try. There’s something so raw and beautiful about it.

The power of the conscious, ever-blossoming human will to push past limits, to manifest potential, to strain into the wind.

Our ability as minuscule solitary lumps of flesh and blood and bone to, when faced with insurmountable adversity, dive into our deepest darkest depths to discover that flame of inner will and kindle it into an inferno of indestructible inspiration and industry.

This is special.


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