Why Leaders Exist

It’s easy for us to complain, bicker, and point fingers at power.

It’s a lot harder for us to rise to the occasion, to stand up and fight for what we believe.

The fight worth fighting is not easy. But for those of us who somewhere deep down believe in the possibility of a better future, the difficulty of action is no excuse not to act. We know hope is real. We’ve felt it. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen a single flame, ignited out of thin air, light a pitch black room. We know what we need to do and it’s our job to do it. We must lead.

In On Leadership, John Gardner explains why leaders exist: to offer “hope in a world that often gives little ground for hope; the quest for justice in a world only fitfully committed to justice; love in a world that is often unlovely and unloving; the hunger to understand things that elude understanding; the capacity for awe, wonder, reverence…”

The world can be a tough place. Life can suck. We’ve all felt the impotence of apathy; we’ve all felt drawn hypnotically to the material; and we’ve all felt void of imagination; but “even in the most apathetic, the most materialistic, or the most unimaginative members of a group there is something waiting to be awakened, wanting to be awakened.”

It is this awakening that leaders exist to serve and spread.


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